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From Hen to Home

Eggs: Functional and Nutritional Properties
This booklet is ideal for foods, nutrition and culinary classes. A close look at the functional properties eggs deliver as an ingredient in the kitchen. An overview of nutritional properties found in eggs and safe handling practices. Suitable for grades 7 – adults.

Which Came First? The Chicken or the Egg
For Manitoba Egg Farmers, the egg’s journey begins at the hatchery with a baby chick and ends with an egg in the grocery store. This booklet is ideal for Grades 7 to adult.

Where Do Eggs Come From Story Book
Ideal for Grade 5 classes. Illustrates how Manitoba eggs travel from the farm to the store.

We're Egg Farmers
Grades 7-Adult. This booklet describes the programs all regulated egg farmers follow to ensure the health of their hens and the safety of the eggs.

Where Do Your Eggs Come From Poster
A full-colour, 18 x 24 inch teaching poster featuring the variety of ways laying hens are raised in Manitoba.

Egg Cookery

Eggs Anytime
A collection of egg recipes that are appropriate to be enjoyed at any meal time of the day. Eggs are a versatile choice that can be eaten throughout the day.

Eggs 101
Ideal for Nutrition and Foods classes. This guide includes step by step techniques, tips, and recipe ideas for cooking eggs. It also includes nutritional information and tips for buying, storing and handling eggs. Also available in French.

A Natural Choice
Eggs are one of nature's most wholesome foods and can be included in everything from appetizers through to desserts. This recipe booklet features six delicious recipes that showcase the versatility and goodness of eggs.


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Eggs for Healthy Living

Seniors Factsheet
Provides nutrition information and single serving recipes for seniors.

Diabetes Factsheet
Provides nutrition information and recipes for people affected with diabetes.

Eggs for your Baby
References Health Canada's newest infant feeding guidelines that recommend introducing whole eggs starting at six months of age. Also available in French.

Fitness Factsheet
Provides information on the benefits of eating eggs before and after physical activity.

Heart Health Factsheet
Provides information on the benefits of egg nutrition for heart health-conscious individuals.

Canada’s Food Guide
Provides information on how to incorporate eggs into a healthy and balanced diet, using Canada’s Food Guide.

Family Fun

Click here for quick, easy recipes kids will love! Serve up smiles with the great taste of eggs!

Manitoba Egg Farmers colouring pages booklet, complete with farm to store story. Includes colouring, a word search and a maze game. The booklet is ideal for young children ages 2 – 10 years old.