New Entrant Draw

MEF announces Laying Hen Quota Draw

For two (2) laying hen quotas of 6,000 (six thousand) hens each.


The successful farmer will be required to house the laying hens in a non-conventional setting due to Manitoba Egg Farmers’ animal care policy. Free-run, aviary, or furnished/enriched housing (nest box and perches) are acceptable.

Applications are only open to individuals or Hutterite Colonies residing in Manitoba; Partnerships and Corporations are not eligible. No individual and no Hutterite Colony shall be eligible to be selected if that individual or that Colony is or at any time has been a registered egg producer. Any person who is or was a partner or a shareholder of an entity that is or was a registered egg producer shall be deemed to have an interest in that registered producer at that time and is therefore ineligible.

The fact that the parent of an individual is or at any time was a registered egg producer or has had an interest, direct or indirect in a registered egg producer; or a Hutterite Colony was established from the membership of a Hutterite Colony which is or at any time was a registered egg producer or has had an interest, direct or indirect in a registered egg producer; does not disqualify an individual or a Hutterite Colony from being eligible to be selected.

Applicants are encouraged to create a business plan and research the costs of securing land, erecting buildings, purchasing equipment, etc. in order to make an informed decision before applying. Successful applicants will have 12 to 15 months after accepting an offer of quota to complete construction and place the first flock into production.

Applications will be accepted by mail (postmarked no later than November 1, 2022) or walk-in applications may be delivered to the Manitoba Egg Farmers office until 4:00 pm on Tuesday, November 1, 2022[1]. Applications must include the $210 application fee[2]. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Mailed applications should be marked and sent as follows:


MEF New Entrant Draw

c/o MNP

PO Box 29034 City Place

Winnipeg, MB

R3C 4L1



The new entrant draw will occur on Monday, November 14, 2022, and will be conducted by an independent third-party auditor (MNP). Successful applicants will be contacted by MEF shortly thereafter.


A complete list of eligibility requirements, detailed instructions, and application form are available for download by clicking on the links provided below:


2022 New Entrant Draw Application Form

2022 New Entrant Draw Instructions



[1]Walk-in applications may be delivered to the Manitoba Egg Farmers office until 4:00 pm on November 1, 2022, and will be forwarded to MNP.

[2] An application must be accompanied by payment in the amount of $210.00 payable to Manitoba Egg Farmers representing a non-refundable application fee of $200.00 plus $10.00 GST. (GST#R123049793). We cannot accept credit cards or online payments. Post-dated, stale-dated, unsigned, and incomplete cheques will not be accepted.


Manitoba Egg Farmers' New Entrant Model 

The purpose of the model is to assist in preparing a financial projection of a new entrant that is interested in starting a layer operation. This model can also be used to assist in determining the level of investment that is needed in order to begin a layer operation.

To download the model (excel format) click here