Regulated Egg Farmer

Anyone interested in becoming a regulated egg farmer must obtain quota in order to produce eggs, as well they must adhere to the mandatory regulations set out by Manitoba Egg Farmers. There are four methods of acquiring quota:

  • Anyone may purchase an existing regulated egg farmer’s unit (complete farm purchase with laying hen and/or pullet quota). Complete farm sales are subject to certain requirements and must be approved by Manitoba Egg Farmers (MEF).
  • It may be possible to purchase the barn and equipment from a retiring farmer and move same to another property. Similar to complete farm sales, there are certain requirements and such transactions are subject to MEF approval.
  • Anyone may participate on the monthly Laying Hen and Pullet Quota Retirement and Reallocation System (the Quota Exchange). Individuals submit bids to acquire quota detailing the amount of quota units (laying hens/pullets) and the maximum price per unit they would be willing to pay. Successful purchasers on the Exchange must meet MEF standards for animal care and food safety. The Exchange is really a form of public auction.
  • MEF has a new entrant program in place. By regulation, we set aside 30% of any new national over-base quota allocation and conduct a draw (or draws) of 6,000 quota units each. The random draw is made by a third party from all of the applications received. Since 2009 seventeen new egg farmers have joined MEF.

How is pricing established?
Manitoba Egg Farmers is authorized to establish farm gate producer prices for the eggs produced in Manitoba. This fair farm pricing is done using an indexed Cost of Production (COP) formula and other relevant criteria. Farm gate prices are adjusted as costs increase or decrease.

How are eggs marketed?
Regulated egg farmers select a grading station within the province of Manitoba. The grading station will arrange for pick-up of the eggs and supply farmers with the necessary packaging materials for transport.

How can I get production costs?
Costs vary from operation to operation. Good management practices are key to efficient production costs. MEF has a model budget spreadsheet that is freely shared upon request with interested persons.